Key editor - issues and wishes

Here are some exercises I’d like to be able to do with the Key Editor for educational purposes:

  • Show students the key editor grid, tell them a note value, let them enter it to the grid, check if the right note value appears
  • Dictate a rhythm, let students fill in that rhythm on the grid of the key editor, observe what happens to the notation (beaming, ties, rests)

I think it’s a really nice way to explore and experiment with rhythmic notation.

Issues I ran into:

  • Notes of the same pitch are visually not separated very well in the key editor (see image at the bottom)
  • In pencil mode to enter a longer note value one has to click long and drag for a note to be drawn. That makes it impossible to enter a complex rhythm fast. As a long time Cubase user I’d prefer to stay in cursor mode and just use option click for immediate note entry.
  • Can we please get a pinch zoom gesture in the key editor?

Thanks for the feedback. You will find at least that switching to “played durations” display provides you with visual separation of abutting notes.

Using played durations doesn’t work well when the Playback Option have notes playing at almost full value and humanize is off. I think it would be clearer if each rectangular note in the key editor had rounded corners or beveled corners, or maybe some shadowing?

In Cubase 11 each note just has a thin border which would be perfectly fine with me:

Adding a border around the note rectangles means they’re quite a lot more expensive to draw. But I agree that we should provide some kind of differentiation between successive notes of the same pitch, and we’ll come up with something in due course.