Key editor - issues and wishes

Here are some exercises I’d like to be able to do with the Key Editor for educational purposes:

  • Show students the key editor grid, tell them a note value, let them enter it to the grid, check if the right note value appears
  • Dictate a rhythm, let students fill in that rhythm on the grid of the key editor, observe what happens to the notation (beaming, ties, rests)

I think it’s a really nice way to explore and experiment with rhythmic notation.

Issues I ran into:

  • Notes of the same pitch are visually not separated very well in the key editor (see image at the bottom)
  • In pencil mode to enter a longer note value one has to click long and drag for a note to be drawn. That makes it impossible to enter a complex rhythm fast. As a long time Cubase user I’d prefer to stay in cursor mode and just use option click for immediate note entry.
  • Can we please get a pinch zoom gesture in the key editor?

Thanks for the feedback. You will find at least that switching to “played durations” display provides you with visual separation of abutting notes.