KEY EDITOR lateral menu with tracks and visibility

I have just bought Cubase 10 PRO.
For a lot of different reasons it is a great daw.
But… I work usually as arranger and orchestrator.
I’m coming from another daw and I am surprise to see that in midi Key editor there is not a lateral menu with tracks and visibility:
For example, if I want to check that first flute is doubling first violin and the second is working at an interval of third (and I don’t want to see all other tracks in background) I have to go out of midi editor, lose the windows that goes back, select those clips, reopen windows and this is repeating for thousands of possible combinations when real work is on… thousands of go to other window, clicks, reopen windows and…
In the end it is impossible to work in this way, and a big limit…
More, in key midi editor, if I want to see all the other clips in track it is not possible ( yes I can glue all the clips, open midi editor … thousand clicks.

My request is for

  • lateral menu with tracks and visibility
  • all clips in track visibility

Best to all


Don’t quite understand what you mean by “lateral menu”

On the second point, if I understand correctly, you can do this now. Select all the MIDI Parts of interest and double click will open them all in a single Key Editor Window. You can set the editor to only let you edit the currently selected Part, or you can edit all Parts at once if you like. The Note Coloring options can make it easier to determine which note is in which part.

For the kind of comparison work you are doing you might find the In-Line Editor useful. Also there are times when I’ve found having the same Part(s) open in both the Key & Score Editors at the same time is helpful.

Thank you Raino.
English is not my mother language so I hope to never be unpolite.
Thank you for yours really pertinent tips.
Lateral menu may be it is not the right term.
What I really miss is the possibility to choose the visibility of the only tracks (may be one, may be ten or more) you are editing like in Tracks editor.
At the moment, when I select all midi tracks I’m forced to see all the other tracks.
If I have 5-6 MIDI lines (Bass, Drum, Piano, Pad and Gtr for example) may be I can work and colours helps
when I have at least 30 midi tracks ( 1st Violin, 2nd violin Viola Cello Oboe…ecc, ecc ) and more, if possible, the layered midi tracks to make sound as better as possible, in the end you have to manage 50-60 tracks at the same time, massively writing all the necessary controllers, checking harmonies, melodies ecc.ecc.
it is not possible to be forced to see all the other tracks.
And,under real pressure, it is not possible ( in my humble opinion) to go out midi editor, reselect, go in, go out agin in again, and on and on for hours.

When I’m massively writing controllers and checking notes I cannot go on and out MIDI Key (hundred times) editor to select tracks whitout loosing concentration, time and (I hope it does not sounds unpolite) money.

This is my feature request.

Cubase sounds fantastic!

Best Regards