Key Editor Lock - Difficulty with Multi-voice staves

Selecting music in Write View and using the “Toggle Key Editor Locked View” command is terrific, but it exhibits strange behavior when selecting music on staves with multiple voices.

After the Toggle command is engaged (to put it in a locked state) the notes are no longer “orange” (selected) in the Key Editor. I can’t click on them to edit them either. Also, I can’t draw any lines in the CC lanes

Hopefully I explained this well enough that someone can recreate the behavior and help me figure out if I’m doing anything wrong.


You can use the voice selector on the Key Editor toolbar to choose which voice is active, i.e. which one will show with fully saturated colour, and into which notes will be added if you draw them in with the pencil tool, etc.

Thanks so much for your reply, Daniel. I don’t think the Voice Selector pull down menu is the issue.

Here is another post that I think will make things clearer.

In the image below I’d like to shorten the playback of all the selected notes simultaneously. I selected them in Write mode and engaged the Toggle Key Editor Locked View command. As you can see both staves’ notes are visible and editable in the Key Editor. This is normal behavior on staves with Independent Voice Playback DISABLED.

Here is an identical situation with Independent Voice Playback ENABLED: The notes are NOT editable in Key Editor.

However, there does seem to be a workaround: Here are the same staves/notes selected manually from the dropdown list. They are editable as in the top example. For whatever reason, the Toggle Key Editor Locked View creates a different behavior.

In the end I want to get this bottom example in Independent Voice Playback enabled staves without having to choose them manually.

Does that make the problem clearer?