Key editor - make active part record enabled?

I often will open multiple midi tracks in a single key editor, and switch between the parts to adjust notes, CC data, etc. Is it possible to make it so the active midi part in the key editor is automatically record enabled? Right now I can record enable my last selected track before entering the key editor, but if I wanted to record on a part in the key editor that was not the last selected track, I have to first go to the arrange window, find the track in my arrange page, select it, select all the tracks I wanted to see in the key editor again, and record. Repeat if I wanted to record different midi data to a different track.

Does cubase have a preference where the active part in the key editor is record enabled? If not I’ll submit a feature request as I feel this could be really speed up workflow.

Cant you not just use the “Currently Edited Part” list?
Please view the attached gif to see what I mean. (Sorry I am hitting some hotkeys there by mistake. Just dont mind the popping up dialogs and concentrate on the editor.)
Related to this behavior is the pref:
Solo Record in MIDI Editors
Activate this to automatically Record Enable a track when you open a part for
editing in a MIDI editor. For all other MIDI tracks Record Enable is deactivated
until you close the editor again.
This makes it easier to record MIDI data when you edit a part – you will always
be sure the recorded data ends up in the edited part and not on any other


Thank you for your great reply and gif!! Really helpful!!

I have the “Solo Record in midi editors” enabled, and I swear it wasn’t doing it yesterday, but today it seems to be working fine. If it stops working again I’ll try to figure out why and reply to this post, but so far everything is working as expected. THANKS!!

Ok, great…