Key editor - midi scrubbing

It’s been years since last I requested this. The simple idea; modifier key turns cursor into midi scrub tool. No longer would one need to, say, quantize and click or hit playback to hear a chord. You can audition more intuitively and quickly. It’s been so long since using Studio Vision, I forgot all the many ways I used midi scrubbing but I remember how creative and quickly I got to where I wanted… Those of you who have used it, kindly chime in.
Yeah, you can kinda scrub midi in the arrangement window if you dare. It’s, imo, unusable. The midi editor is where midi scrubbing belongs.

A first workaround consists of both using the Key Editor in the Lower Zone and using the Link project and Lower Zone Editor Cursors tool in it.

This said, yes, it would be nice to also have the Play/Scrub tool in the KE, at least when used in its own window, but also to avoid having to solo the involved instrument/MIDI track.

Overall, +1 (I still have 0 vote left… :slightly_frowning_face:).

Cubic, I cannot for the life of me figure out what’s mean by " Lower Zone Editor Cursors tool". Where is this cursor tool in the lower zone?


is the function’s name.