Key Editor: Multiple instruments selection issue

Use case

  • Select multiple instruments (brass section in this example)
  • Jump - Lock Key Editor To Selection
  • The instruments are selected, however not all notes are shown in the piano roll
  • In particular note the Bass Trombone in this example, there are five notes playing, the Bass Trombone is selected as a lane, but no note shows up in the Roll
  • You can see with the score BT note selected nothing is selected in the Piano Roll, but that does work properly with the other four instruments

Maybe I’m misunderstanding something

Here’s the top of the list for reference


Also I’m not following the “Make Primary” feature after watching vids/docs, could that be explained a little more? Thanks -

Attach the project (cut down to just a few bars if necessary) so we can take a look. There are no problems with the track selection that we are aware of.

See page 26 in the Version History PDF for more information about primary and secondary tracks.

Email discussion, turns out the note is there but happens to be a unison with another instrument so became hidden. Maybe when that happens the Z order of the Key Editor note can be brought to the top.