Key Editor - note selection and editing

I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to select a note and edit its’ velocity without accidentally editing the velocity of another note, via some sort of modifier that can be used, e.g. after a note has been selected?

Press Control+Shift then hover over a note in a chord, a speaker icon should pop up and then you can
click and drag up and down to change velocity. You don’t even have to select the note first, just hover over it.

I think I had to change the default modifiers to get this behavior.
Its under preferences/modifiers/select tool.

Click on a note in key editor and the info for that note is displayed at the top of the editor window. Dbl click to change it or (from memory) alt mouse to change to a slider.
Alternatively at the bottom of the editor select velocity, click on the note & using the pencil tool adjust the velocity


Unless I’m misunderstanding, you don’t even need to do that.

If in the key editor, [I’m assuming], then all I do is left-click & hold on the velocity stem and the note at it’s current volume sounds and continues to sounds every half second or so.
Then, [still holding down left-click], I raise or lower the velocity stem to suit, as I’m listening to the volume [velocity] being adjusted.

Another neat method, [in the key editor], is to hold & left-click and drag across the velocity stems to change them all one after another.
I can drag across to make them similar or like ‘drawing’, shape them into a curve, all just with the left-click & hold.
And again, hearing each note change. I can go back the other direction if some fall too low or too high.

Try it.