[Key Editor] Objective Selection tool improvements

  • one click LMB at note: remember note lenght
  • one click LMB on emty space: draw note with last remembered lenght
  • while holding RMB - activate erase tool without a mouse click

In Cubase, we should make so many extra clicks to make simple operations.

Its stops creative flow btw - Steinberg where is yours “Creativity First” ?


Yes please! That ‘Remember note length’ is an awesome feature. Which program is that?. I’m jumping ship immediately. Not really, but it should absolutely be added to Cubase.

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its Fl studio, i’m using it as VSTi inside cubase, and sending midi from it to Cubase instruments. FL Studio Piano roll is Super Fast and creative, Cubase also have very strong and powerfull features, but in FL Studio Piano roll, have couple of small things that makes it more usefull in simple things (just make melody or chords…)

I aso believe Steinberg will add this function to Cubase.

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