Key editor on the track (NOT the lower zone) - how to toggle on and off?

I have no idea how I did it, but the actual track is showing the key editor in it for one of my tracks, and all the others are showing their normal default display. I don’t know what to call this default display to be able to search for it. My searches for how to toggle the key editor on and off within the track space itself (not in the lower zone) are turning up all wild and wonderful things, but not what I am looking for. Tried right/left/ctrl/ whatever I can think of. I suspect I hit some hotkey accidentally that changed the view in the track itself.

I can see how having the key editor in the track itself could be really useful, but I don’t want it there right now…

Any help appreciated, please!
Using MacBook Pro 2020 (with windows mouse plugged in but also the track pad) & Cubase Pro 11.

Thank you in advance.

possibly ?

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Sounds like @MSAMR activated Edit-in-Place.
Default key command is cmd-shift-I on Mac.


Thank you so much for your suggestion, Dr.Strangelove - I discovered some stuff in there!

Steve, you smashed it! Thank you so much :grin: