Key editor only # no b?

Hello, I’m working on some midi files, imported from a dig piano.
In the key editor there a only # to see.
But I wish to see the correct chord’s notes.
As Example: Not G#3, instead Ab3 or As3 because it’s written in As maj.
Any idea? Thanks for help


If the Preferences > Event Display > Chords & Pitches > Enharmonics from Chord Track option is enabled and the Chord track is in the project then you get the right #s and bs.

Martin, that helps. Wonderfull. Thanks man.
Is it correct, that the keyboard at the side shows #'s anyway?


It’s not correct, I agree. But I’m afraid it has been designed like this to make sure the strings fit to the keys.

Again thanks to you :slight_smile:
The Strings thing I can’t understand. But that’s more a composer theme I think.

I believe @Martin.Jirsak is using the word “String” in its meaning from programming, though it is also in conversational English. – it refers to strings of alphabet or numeric characters one after the other. For instance, C# is a string of two characters.

Many people here do not have English as their mother tongue.


Oh yes, sorry. English is not my mother language and yes, I used the “string” therm in the meaning from programming.

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