Key Editor only shows recorded Midi after you hit Stop

This wasn’t happening in any previous version.
When I record in the Key Editor, the recorded Midi events don’t show up in real time during recording.
When I press Stop they’re visible.
This isn’t great.


I would say so. I’m seeing it on PC also. Notably, in the Edit-in-Place editor notes do display in real time.


open key editor
record some notes

  • notes do not appear until recording stops

Hmph. I started Cubase in safe start mode and could not repro. a little more investigation is needed. Can you try that?

It’s the same for me (using Merge recording) in both windowed and Lower Zone Key Editor. Edit in-place works fine however.

Can repro in safe mode.

In safe start mode:

In merge mode recording with the Key Editor focused, notes appear in real time. With the project window focused notes appear after recording in the key editor, but in the project window real time display updates. Note that Cubase first draws a new part over the existing part, then after recording stops, merges them.

I think this is not a bug– I never noticed the behavior though. When I record I’ll be either in the editor or the project window, but not both. Now with the lower zone editor I watched both and finally noticed the behavior.

I don’t have time now to check, but can you tell me if this is the same in C8.5?

In Safe mode this is what happens for me too, but in my normal mode it doesn’t update it in real time with or without focus.

I don’t have time now to check, but can you tell me if this is the same in C8.5?

I no longer have 8.5 installed as at some point I was testing if interfered. I no longer have the installer either.

PS: Will issue reports be greenlit again soon?

This indicates that prefs are corrupt.

Thanks for the headsup. (This is not a wildcard to ditch all my issue reports. :stuck_out_tongue: I will re-check them in safe mode.)

EDIT: (snip) Never mind.

In the external Key editor it DOES NOT work. It is a bug since it didn’t happen in any previous versions.
Redraw after record? That doesn’t make sense. OS 10.11.5. Cubase 9

+1 very Embarrassing
Here event show not when stop but when close the editor

Discussing it in Misc. is good and well, but has any of this been reported as a bug yet?

The problem is that we must "enable the icon “record” in the editor i.e “record in the editor”( at the upper left of the editor).
It’s off by default ( this option seems to be new in Cubase)
Best regards
record to enable.png

Oh, that’s all it is? Well, okay then.

I noticed it too but I noticed also better recording timing. Since there is no graphics realtime at recording I have feeling that I get exactly What I played when I listen results. This is first cubase version that midi timings is OK.
when I record midi I don’t need to watch on screen.