Key Editor Part Color

Hi All. First post here. I’m having an issue and I cant find any info on it anywhere. When I select multiple midi parts and hit ENTER to get to the key editor and select PART from the color drop down menu, I still only see 1 part displayed at once. I went back and opened the same project in Cubase 5, went through the same method of selection and ALL parts are displayed at once with their corresponding track color. Back to Cub6, and only the “selected part” is displayed with all other tracks in white. Am I just missing a setting in the Preferences? If so I cant find it. It is getting rather annoying as I do this quite frequently so see all notes on all tracks at once. Someone show me what im missing please

The manual for Cub 5 and 6 is exactly the same for this section; a copy and paste job it looks like. I would think that if its operation changed, the manual would reflect that.

Could it be this?

If so, turn off “Show Note Expression Data”.

that was it!! thank you so much. I knew it was something simple.

so 1 more question:

is there a key command to scroll? i dont see it in the 'key commands" menu. by scroll, i mean a command to take the place of the bottom horizontal scroll bar. I can zoom any which way i want with key commands and i have set up a few macros. I ask because I recently was a studio having drums recorded. The engineer was using pro tools and i saw him scrolling through the project hitting 1 key. It is not a deal breaker or anything but as i have started to use key commands for almost everything in cubase, it is annoying sometimes to stop and drag the bar or hit the right arrow to scroll.

thanks again

Not sure it is exactly what you’re after but if you go to Preferences and enable Stationary Cursors:

Then enable Auto-Scroll from the Toolbar in the Project Window:

You can use the + and - keys on the keypad to wind through your project with a scrolling effect. You can also change the speed of the wind in Preferences under Transport, which is the same place you enabled Stationary Cursors.