Key editor part handles disappear

If you hide the Multiple Part Controls in the MIDI key editor window, the part handles will not appear the next time you open the window.

To duplicate simply
-Make sure Multiple Part Controls is hidden in your Key editor toolbar.
-create two MIDI events on the same MIDI or instrument track,

  • highlight them,
    -press enter, and
    -you will not see part handles that you could otherwise grab to resize the part’s boundry.

If you right click the tool bar and tick Multiple Part Controls again then the event handles will show up in the key editor right then and there. If you then hide Multiple Part Controls again, the part handles will STAY visible(until you close and reopen the key editor again)!

Anyone else able to confirm these results? The simple workaround would be to just leave the Multiple Part Controls visible in the toolbar.

OS X 10.6.8 Snow Leopard
Cubase in 64bit mode

Confirmed, here… Indeed, after hiding the ‘Mmultiple parts controls’ panel, the part boundaries remain shown, even if you have only one part selected when opening the key editor.

BUT this all depends of the ‘Show part borders’ button state, which is at the left of the panel : if you deactivate it, the boundaries will be hidden. Seems logical to me… So, IMO, the actual problem is that, after activating this button, hiding the panel and closing the key editor, if you reopen it, the boundaries will not be shown until you unhide the panel again.

Thanks for taking the time to check that out cubic13. I thought about what you mentioned and the way I see it, the Multiple Part Controls should remain at whatever their last settings were, or in the very least remain on their default settings (where the ‘show part borders’ button would be on by default).

Say if you were to change the Event Colors control to ‘Pitch’ instead of the default ‘Velocity’… you could hide the Event Colors control in the toolbar, close the part, then reopen it and the key editor would still show different MIDI pitches organized by color without reverting back to velocity or worse (as would be analogous to this part handles problem) not show any color organization at all.

The workaround is not a hassle and I’m not sure if Steinberg would really bother to fix this bug down the road. Might be something to include in a Cubase 7 update though if the glitch carried over.

Hi, Wolf-Ray

We’re on the same track on the essential : basically, if the ‘Show part borders’ button is activated, the parts boundaries should be displayed when you reopen the window in which it has been set, ‘Multiple Part Controls’ hidden or not. It’s not the case…

I just checked with C7.0.3 : exactly the same strange behavior… So, even if I should not bash C7 again (I already made enough about it in the dedicated (sub)forums), let’s just say that I won’t use it until they fix several things, mainly UI related and, sadly, I don’t hold my breath about this precise issue, as many other ones. Steiny has enough of work to make of C7 what it should have been from the start : a true improvement from its previous version, without regressions appearing all over the place.

But, despite all, and if you have C7 as me, i think that you could make this the object of an issue report in the relevent subforum, just to see if it will be acknowledged, as many other issues should be…

Cheers !