Key Editor/Piano Roll: Display DrumMap on keys / Relay other info from VSTi, eg: slice/notation region, sample file

DrumMaps are great, but the concept shouldn’t be limited specifically to drum instrumentation naming.

Sometimes I have a standup bass, a cello, and a violin in a sampler on a split keybed.

Or different synth sounds, or sound effects - lazer 1, lazer 2, gunshot, siren, etc.

So it would be great to have further smart connectivity between VSTi’s/Sampler Track, etc, and the Cubase piano roll editor.

Even colour coding of say, Groove Agent pads, should relay to keys in the pianoroll editor.

Options to display sample-file names or user created key names.

This should be an open VSTi standard developers can utilize, so that Kontakt relays this info to Cubase pianoroll.

List of relayed info between VSTi and Cubase Piano Roll MIDI editor:
-Colouring of keys/pads/samples
-slice region / occupied key range (ie, which keys actually have a sample associated to that note)
-Sample File names
-User Created note/key/pad names
-mouse over key pop up information

Currently if you have have a Drum Map on a Track and open a Part on it in the Key Ed the Names from the Map will appear on the Notes themselves. Not nearly as useful as showing the names on the Keyboard. I have at times put a Muted Note on every Key so I can always see the Names.

yes on the keys, or just a list/name column to the left of the keys than can optionally fold-out and appear. If people don’t want the names to save space, they can hide.