Key Editor - Pitch Bend Range Up/Down resets to equal values

Hi all,

Just wanted to report an issue I encountered today while trying to program in pitch bend automation - unlinking and setting the Up/Down ranges to different amounts in Grid Settings does not persist after the Key Editor is closed/re-opened.

Additionally, the automation breakpoints do not move to follow the updated grid lines when the Up/Down ranges are changed.

Steps To Reproduce:

  • Create MIDI event, open Key Editor
  • Show Pitchbend lane, open Grid Settings and uncheck Link, check Show Semitones Grid
  • Set Pitchbend Range: Up to +3, Pitchbend Range: Down to -2
  • Add automation data that extends to +3/-2
  • Close and re-open Key Editor
  • Pitchbend grid will be reset to +3/-3, Pitchbend breakpoints at -2 will be set to -3
  • Select breakpoints with value -3 and set them back to -2
  • Open Grid Settings and set Pitchbend Range: Down back to -2
  • Grid lines will update but breakpoints will not update position to follow (see screenshot below, highlighted breakpoint has value -2 but displays around -1.3 on grid

Thankfully, the actual automation data and the reading thereof seems to work correctly - it’s just the ability to customise the Pitchbend lane’s display that doesn’t work.

This is on Cubase 12.0.20, running on MacOS 10.15.7


The repro can be expressed very simply:

Open Key editor, and a controller lane for Pitchbend.
Click Set up Grid, and set different values for range up and down.
Close and reopen editor

result: Up and Down range values are now equal.

Yeah, that says it much more simply - my bad.

Were you also able to confirm the second issue, that closing and reopening the editor also appears to change previously input automation values?

Trying to keep it brief, I’d say the repro is:

  • Open Key Editor, and a controller lane for Pitchbend
  • Open Grid Settings and set different values for range up and down
  • Add Pitchbend automation that extends to the furthest points of the up/down ranges
  • Close and reopen editor

Result: Up and Down range values are now equal; change in range value causes breakpoints at that value to change also.


  • Set ranges of +3/-2
  • Add automation breakpoints at +3/-2
  • Closing and reopening editor sets the grid to +3/-3
  • Any breakpoints that were at -2 are set to -3

I’d have expected the grid to have extended independently of the breakpoints and left them at -2.

Apologies, not very good at wording things succinctly - hope it makes enough sense.

I like terse repros. They take very little effort to use!

I imagine the value change is part of the same bug.

Did you check whether the original value, which is later changed in this bug, is actually sent?

Understandable! Guess I’ll have to work on it :smile:

Just checked the values being sent now, and it in fact appears that the grid lines aren’t actually affecting the pitchbend amount, i.e. lowering the grid’s range on one side isn’t changing the values being sent.

To repro:

  • Load Instrument track and instrument, add MIDI note(s)
  • Open Grid Settings, set different values for Pitchbend Up/Down
  • Add pitchbend automation up/down
  • Start playback

Result: On playback, pitchbend range is equal Up and Down regardless of range shown by grid lines.

May explain why the grid lines keep resetting - changing the grid range doesn’t seem to change the range of the pitchbend commands being sent. I didn’t notice this previously, potentially because I didn’t play back until I’d spotted the visual discrepancy and corrected it. Was worth going back and testing that, thanks for suggesting :slight_smile:

That’s what I expected-- the display doesn’t actually correspond with the actual value.

I have sent a bug report for this.

Thank you! Sorry, just saw I was able to mark a solution and wondered if I should do so. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Doesn’t really matter, since it’s been reported to them.