Key Editor Problem/Question

When creating harmonies, counterpoints and other interactions between two different parts of music I prefer to overlay one part on another so I can be sure everything lines up right. Most DAWs let you do this, but I ran into an interesting problem doing it in Cubase just now so I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong.

I have two tracks, Sak EK8.5 5/8 and Sak EK8.5 Mel, both selected so they are visible in the Key Editor at the same time. The “Currently Edited Part” is Sak EK8.5 Mel, because that’s the one I’m adding notes to. I’ve just added one note, in red, as shown in the attached image.

I normally add notes by doing Alt-click, which makes the cursor become a draw tool, and that works fine on any spot where it’s blank on both tracks (shown as “A” ). But I want to add a note at “B” where there’s already a note in the other track. And when I do Alt-click there the cursor turns into a pair of scissors instead of a draw tool. Why is it doing that and how do I draw my note where I want to?

Thanks in advance.

You have to use the pencil tool.

So what is the difference between the pencil tool you get by clicking on the pencil tool in the toolbox and the pencil tool you get with alt-click?