Key Editor Problem


I am using the Key Editor for an instrument track in Cubase 6. However, when I draw in a note in the Key Editor, or hit the keyboard in the Key Editor, the note opens and closes with two sounds. When I play the keyboard in my virtual instrument- Kontakt4 - there is no such open and close , or two note sound. There’s one note.

Has anybody had this issue?

Thanks in advance for your explanation!


It looks, the MIDI Note On is sending twice. What happens, when you are playing on the MIDI keyboard, or on the virtual Keyboard of the Cubase? Please, check, don’t you send MIDI data to the Kontakt twice – from the MIDI Sends, for example.


Thanks for your reply Martin.Jirsak.

When I play the Cubase virtual keyboard, I get a two pitched note, instead of one note. One a lower pitch at the original touch of my mouse cursor on the keyboard, which is the pitch of the Kontakt sound, and another higher pitch at the end when I go off the keyboard with my mouse cursor. I don’t have a midi keyboard.

I’ll check to see if Kontakt is getting two MIDI sends. I assumed that to send it two sends, I’d need two sets of MIDI data on separate midi tracks. I’ll also check and see if somehow I messed with the pitches of the notes.

Thanks again.

Oh, I see… You here one Note when you send Note On, and second one, when you send Note Off?

Do you have last Kontakt update? Does the Kontakt do this with all sounds? Can you try to use Kontakt as Virtual Instrument Track, and as VSTi from the VSTi “rack”, and route the MIDI from the MIDI Track?


I’ll try all of your suggestions Martin.

Thanks for your help!