Key Editor Quantize drop down menu can't select 128.

Small bug, but it seems that the Key Editor Quantize drop down menu can’t select 128.

Here’s a small video showing the problem:

That looks like your preset from the project page is not matching the editor to me

Start at 1/1 and continue down the list until it messes up . Mine matches here, both show same quantize value. You could open up the quantize panel, click in the quantize value setting box and
Restore Factory Presets

If I were to guess Im thinking that the preset is not getting to both windows if you will

Thanks for replying shanabit.

That is what I’m basically doing in the video. Restore Factory Preset doesn’t change the behavior.
Indeed it is just a visual bug, as the actual subdivision does change to 1/128.

But you are saying that on your computer when you select 1/128 in the Key Editor Window Quantize drop down menu, it does show 1/128 correctly?
Cause that obviously makes it a local issue :slight_smile:

YES, when I change the value in the EDITOR or the PROJECT the other one matches up. Ive checked in diff projects as well here. Im on OSX though so it may be a Windows issues if you are on Windows

On Sierra. So might be a pref problem, but seems local. Oh well :slight_smile: