Key Editor Questions (Tutorials don't match)

Dorico Pro 5 (Windows 10)
Version (Apr 18 2024)
Dorico 5 AudioEngine Version

I am watching the video for “Key Editor in write mode” but one of my questions will apply to the Key Editor in general

This is the video:

  1. At 1:02 the narrator describes a “link button” located to the right of the “playing techniques” icon. In the project I am working on, there is no such link button. Where is it and how do I toggle it? [See attached screen Shot “NoLinkButton”]

  2. Also, tutorials about the Key Editor repeatedly claim that that there is a “check box” in the instrument menu that allows you to see the piano rolls of multiple instruments. However, in this project there is no such check box in the instrument menu. Where is it and how can I view multiple piano rolls? [See Screen Shot “NoCheckBox”]

Remanso Transcription 05172024.dorico (1.5 MB)

Ok I think I see. the “lock” Icon allows viewing of multiple instruments in the same piano roll. Has Dorico changed so that you can no longer view multiple seperate piano rolls?

Hi @Manny_Mendelson the desired information are in this page of the Manual:

Yes I have done that but it shows up in layers all in one panel. The tutorial claims you can open multiple seperate piano rolls . I do not see how to do this. Perhaps this feature no longer exists?

The multiple piano rolls was from a much earlier version. Maybe it is gone. But thank you ! I appreciate your help!

There’s no mention of any discontinuation of the feature (which is one of the first thing I searched for).

It was changed/extended I believe, in Dorico 4.3. Here you can read a deep explanation. Beginning from page 10 and specifically from page 13 for the new extended functionality in the 4.3 version history.

I, too, saw this. It is still mentioned as a function though and even contains a diagram with the link button visible…