Key Editor sensitive controller

I am not sure of what the exact name of the controller in key editor is but it is perhaps the most basic controller. It allows you to move between parts of the midi score - between different bars if you like.

I have found this is a very small thing to get hold of on the mouse and then can be very sensitive to moving too far. Is there some way of adjusting the size and sensitivity of this controller?

I hope I have explained this well enough for someone to understand and will appreciate any ideas someone has.
key editor.png

This is the scroll bar, and is being discussed here (and in other threads): Skinny Scrollbars Stink - #138 by Geppastro - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

That control can’t be modified, but there are two other ways to scroll horizontally if you have either a scroll wheel on your mouse, or a middle click button.

Hold while turning the wheel


Hold down the middle-click button: the cursor changes to a hand icon, and drag in the direction desired.

thanks heaps Steve. That shift mouse scroll trick is great. I did have a look but not knowing the name was ‘scroll bar’ (…might be my next band name Skinny Scroll Bar…maybe not) I couldn’t find this information. I will read through that link you sent and try to work out what the control button does :slight_smile:
thanks again

You can also use the + and - (minus) keys on your computer keyboard to scroll forward and backward respectively in the key editor. If you wish to do either of these faster, press the shift key as you use + or - .

thanks Macaster

Those keystrokes belong to the commands Forward and Rewind and Fast Forward and Fast Rewind respectively… just mentioning it for those (like me :wink: ) who had changed them from the defaults.

Nice thing about these, since they are transport commands, is they work the same everywhere- such as in the Score Editor which scrolls differently.