Key Editor Settings?

Anyone else having these issues?

  1. The only way to get the ‘standard’ icons for record in editor, solo, etc. to display is to hit the ‘Default’ option on the toolbar. Why aren’t there individual options for these (or at least explanations as to what ‘default’ does?

  2. Also, those icons seem to get ‘forgotten’ from time to time. IOW: Sometimes, the ‘default’ icons (record, solo) are the only ones that do NOT show up.

  3. The Global Tracks option never seems to stay ‘on’. I want it to be the default, (ie. enabled ALL the time when I open the Key Editor). But unlike the other zones (left, right, top) it seems to ‘remember’ its setting for each track. Super annoying.


I assume you mean the Key Editor’s Toolbar Setup, right? The Solo Editor and Record in Editor is group of 2 controllers (there are no more of them in this group), same as you have other groups of controllers. Therefore you can’t choose only one of them separately. I agree, there could be better naming of this group.

I have never experienced this. Do you have a step by step repro, please?

Yes, same as Controller lanes, this is individual for every single MIDI Part. by design.