Key editor shortcut possible for disabling lock and view multiple instruments

In the Key Editor, I’m constantly using the excellent shortcut “Lock Key Editor to selection” from the Jump bar which has saved endless hours already, I suspect. However, as I want constantly to toggle between this and single instrument edit mode, I was wondering if there is a single procedure --which could also ideally be assigned to a keyboard shortcut on the Jump bar – which both unlocks the editor and switches back to view single instrument mode, which I may have overlooked?

No, there isn’t, but once you’ve unlocked the Key Editor, as soon as you make a selection in the score, the Key Editor will update to the new selection.

thanks for the confirmation —was worth a try! For some reason, I hadn’t bothered with a “toggle lock/unlock” shortcut before but I’ve set one now as that on its own will save a bit of time. It’s just I’ve normally made a selection before reminding myself to check the lock status but with a bit of brain reprogramming, I can find ways to optimise procedures.