Key Editor sometimes goes blank and selection issues

  1. Start Cubase Pro 8 and preferably load a 7.5 project (this is what I currently do a lot)
  2. Hit the play button
  3. Double click a MIDI-Pattern to open the Key editor
    -> Result In some cases, the windows is blank, but you can still see the ruler moving. Also, the window is scalable, but the content is not.

I’m not quite sure if this problem comes with it and if they are having the same source, but: Sometimes it’s not possible to select an option in the main menu bar of Cubase Pro 8 either. Touching another window outside of Cubase and going back to Cubase temporarily solves the problem, but it will come back quickly. Also, the selection tool does not draw a rectangle. You can select events, but you have to do it blindly. I can not narrow down these issues to appear with a certain plug-in or constellation. However, they all come together in a project loaded from 7.5. I can only say I’m experiencing this issue in Cubase Pro 8, but not 7.5 or earlier versions. So there must be something wrong there.

System specs are as stated in my signature.