[Key Editor] Stop automatic vertical scroll when closing controller lanes

When “Show/Hide Controller Lanes” command is used to close the lower zone, the page automatically moves/scrolls down. Please disable any automatic scroll. Thank you.


controller lanes - window scroll

What should happen? Leave empty space at the bottom?


We already have a "Horizontal" Auto-Scroll option.

Would be nice to also have a "Vertical" Auto-Scroll option.
Or a “Hold-view-no-matter-what” option.

This also bugs me:


clicking and dragging
No matter where my pointer goes (while clicking), the window should not scroll.

hello everyone,

for me it is important that the window scrolls

For me also. The fact of the matter is that after you scroll to see the low notes and then close the lower zone, when you reopen it, you have to scroll again (because the low notes are again out of view).

But let’s try something else. Let’s say that we keep the lower zone open. Even so, the window will automatically scroll when we switch to another Controller Lane Preset. That’s a bummer! Bummer! Bummer! Bummer! :woozy_face:


I agree not to slide the window vertically when opening the controller lanes.

I disagree not to slide the window horizontally: it happens to have to select some notes outside (right or left) the window.

Totally!. When the controller lanes are opened or closed Cubase should focus MIDI events in the centre of the screen real estate. Like when the Key Editor is opened, it auto focuses on the MIDI data.

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It does?! I must observe more carefully.

I’m in agreement with @alin89c though. Both of these things (open/close lanes and hyperactive scrolling over the borders the editor) frustrate me.

In fact I’m wondering if my impression that data doesn’t auto focus in the key editor is because I always keep one or two lanes on. Could it be that the “centered data” is hidden behind the lanes, or in other words, the area that the lanes occupy is not substracted from the total area of the key editor window.

Edit: Now I’m confused. I can’t make my Cubase do what alin shows in the OP. Events stay where I leave them, no matter how I Show/Hide Controller lanes. Either by Alt+L or clicking on the button in the bottom. (PC here)

I also noticed some things, now that I was looking for them.

  1. Each Midi Part will auto center in the Key Editor when double clicked. (Awesome! Hadn’t noticed before! Maybe because…)
  2. Glueing and splitting parts will skew the autocentering, as will resizing the lower zone. That’s a bummer, and as I split and glue parts a lot, it probably explains my frustration with centering of parts in the editor.
  3. The worst is when you close the lower zone, click on a midi part once and then bring up the lower zone. It always focuses on the topmost octave and notes are nowhere to be seen. Another double-click on the part is needed to bring it in focus, or a single click on another part.
  4. Mouse wheel scrolls big intervals. Even at full zoom, it scrolls a whole tone. Sometimes this is too much for accurate placement of a selection of events on-screen. The middle button pan is EXCELLENT, and I wish I could make it more of a habit to use that instead of the fast wheel flick.
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It seems that the Lower Zone and Key Editor will remember the focus from the last time it was opened and will not auto centre the data.

But if a part has been Glued to another part, both the Key Editor and Lower Zone will auto centre the data. Also if you duplicate apart it will now auto centre the data i.e. reset that part.

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