Key Editor stops highlighting MIDI input - mostly fixed in 10.0.15 (thanks!), some issues still remain

Not quite sure exactly what it takes to reproduce this, but I rather often observe the Key Editor stops highlighting the realtime MIDI input on the keyboard figure on the left hand side. This tends to occur after I worked in the Key Editor for some time. Multi-track editing maybe possibly related, but not sure.
[EDIT] I think I’ve found a repro scenario.

  1. Create a new project, create two or more Instrument tracks. Record some bars, or create empty MIDI parts in all tracks.
  2. From the Project View, open the Key Editor by double-clicking one of the MIDI parts created in the Step 1.
  3. Make sure the MIDI input is highlighted on the left hand side of the Key Editor.
  4. Return to the Project View by Alt+Tab (I’m using Windows) or a mouse click. Don’t close the Key Editor.
  5. Double-click another MIDI part, which activates the Key Editor.
  6. Now, observe that the MIDI inputs are no longer highlighted.

Once it happens, I need to close the Key Editor and reopen it (by clicking the MIDI part in the project view window).
So far this action seems to recover the functionality. I see the realtime highlight again.

This is a regression, this did not happen on 9.0.
It’s too frequent, too annoying, interferes the work flow. Please get this fixed soon!



I can confirm this.

It worked in Cubase 9.0, and it became broken in Cubase 9.5, and it’s still broken in Cubase 10.

Thank you Martin!

I need to see the input highlight especially when confirming the octaves… say, for key switches, or to match the new inputs to the existing MIDI phrases, such and such. It’s really an important part of my day-to-day operations.

Really hope this issue gets addressed soon!


Just installed the latest update 10.0.15, this issue appears in the list of the fixed issues, and indeed it’s fixed! Confirmed!

Thank you so much Steinberg folks!

Keep up the great work!
(and hopefully other regressed issues also get resolved soon!)

Spoke a little too soon…
I’ve found another repro, supposedly less common, but still…

Here’s a simple repro step:

  1. Open a Key Editor.
  2. While keeping the Key Editor open, back to Project View, and move the part that’s being edited to another track.
  3. Back to the Key Editor. Observe the MIDI input is not highlighted any more.