Key editor suggestion


After modified some notes , I want to do a quick “listen mode” to the result only for the notes in key editor window ( ideally)

Several type of tasks want to do

  1. Single click left mouse key to listen to all notes in a beat (column)
  2. Hold and slide to the right to listen towards next progression

Not sure how to do above in Cubase as of version 9

  1. Click and hold to listen to a starting position in key editor

Currently in Cubase:
Click “Solo” upper left to mute other tracks ,double click at ruler area above the vertical piano roll.
The cursor starts to play from the click position (or beginning of the note if snap is on). Double click again to stop the playback.

Personally, felt double-click tiresome, loose cursor precision, more of hesitation than “quick” or “nimble”.

Would that be nice to have a “Listen” button to click and activate sticky “listen mode”. Then place cursor to wherever we want in piano roll to either listen the chord(single click) in a beat, slide to hear next progression (click and hold) or play right from there (right click and hold, release hold to stop play). It would be perfect to have shortcut keys toggling between “draw” and “listen” for even faster workflow.

Just a thought on workflow in key editor especially when experimenting note tweaking/adjustment and need to listen to segments repeatedly.