Key Editor To Show ONLY A Desired Channel(s)


I have a MIDI track that has recording from different channels. I would like to see if It is possible ( without dissolving) to have Key Editor containing MIDI data from multiple channels to show ONLY specific channel? for instance channel 3.

Thank you,

No. If there are MIDI Notes in the Part you will see all of them. You can however set the colors so they are different for each channel making it easier to see what’s what.

Or using the Logical Editor you could mute the notes on the other channels so they are ghosted out & don’t play.

One trick I use if say I have channels 1-4 in a part and just want to see & work on ch. 1 notes is to mute the other notes and then use shift+up-arrow to knock them up 2 or 3 octaves (and out of sight above the top of the window). Then when done unmute & move down to where they should be.