key editor tools updated

I’ve recently migrated 75% of my work from FL Studio to Cubase 8.
I don’t regret it, although there are definitely a few things I’d change.

The tools in the key editor seem like they’re out of a program from 2005.
It really slows things down to have to right click and choose from the tools or click on the task bar above instead of just incorporating the main functions into the same tool. (left click is draw, right click is delete and you can adjust length of note without having to change the tool every time, etc) Going back and forth really slows the workflow in my opinion.

Also, the exporting function is a mess. Setting right and left locators? Do people really want to export only a fraction of a song? and if so, why would you not make the entire project as the default.

There’s a few more things that seem odd to me, but those are the main 2 things that pop out after the first few days of tinkering around.

But determining what constitutes the entire project isn’t straightforward. If in the project window you typed Ctrl-A, to select everything, and then P, to set the locators to whatever is selected (or combine them in a macro and assign it to a key command). That might seem like like the locators encompass the entire project, but in reality you are likely to cut off a reverb decay at the end. Some folks leave a few blank bars at the start in case they want to put something there later, or maybe the first note is a pickup on beat four - do those projects start with several bars or beats of silence. And yes people do just export a portion of a song for things like music cues, sound design, and loop creation.

I won’t argue that Cubase to FL Studio offers a many more professional options, but as far as intuitiveness, FL STudio has them beat by miles. Something about Cubase seems very “old” to me. Everything I need to do seems like 2 or 3 extra steps from what I’m used to, but perhaps that will come with time.

Yes, as you learn how to use the program and its key commands.

Yes - quite often, actually.

Because the entire project would need to be defined, somehow. And with different event sizes, reverb tails, etc., this is - or at least seems to me - counter-intuitive.