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hi fellow members,

as the manual says If you activate the Solo Editor button, only the edited MIDI parts will be heard during regular playback.

now this is what i did
i have 2 inst tracks, i select both tracks - i get to the key editor.
1 tracks is higlighted and the other grayed out.

so when i hit solo n play both tracks play why is the grayed out part also playin. i just need the active part to play.

and second question is there a way that i just see only active track displayed without the other midi tracks which ar greyed out so i can switch back n forth easily with those tracks.

do let me know what i’m missing or goin wrong.


Not sure about the solo editor behavior. You’re saying that, with multiple parts selected, you double click, the Key Editor shows the active part, plus the other parts greyed out, but still plays all of them when solo’ed? Pretty sure that’s not how it works for me. Can’t verify ATM.

Why not just open key editor without selecting other parts? That way, solo will work the way you want, and takes care of the second part of your question.

For now, get it setup so you can easily switch the active part. It might help you solve this.

From the manual:

"Key commands allow you to cycle between parts (making them active).

In the Key Commands dialog – Edit category, you will find two functions for this: “Activate Next Part” and “Activate Previous Part”. If you assign key commands to these, you can use them to cycle between parts in the editors. For further information, see “Setting up key commands” on page 712."

“the edited MIDI parts” means all the parts that are open in the editor. Though the way you want it to work would be nice, and it actually did work that way for a short while a couple years ago.

Now, the Editor Solo plays the parts open in the editor and mutes those not in the editor, regardless of which part is active.

Ah ha! That shows how rarely I use this feature. This is one of those things where it makes sense either way–depending on your needs at the moment.
Perhaps they should make it a toggle or a preference…?

I’d vote for that too :wink:

Me three!

Do you guys find yourselves usingthat feature much? Having multiple parts open in key editor at once?
Like ordering Mcdonald’s, it always seems like a good idea at the time, but ends up messy. Then I stop using it.

Very often here, especially when editing orchestral section Parts (typically, string quartet).

Yes, once I figured out what was going on, I used it. Here’s a thread where I figured it out- "Edit Active Part Only" Solo Editor Function Problem_Cubase7 - #3 by steve - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

Here’s a thread expressing dismay at losing the new functionality- Solo Key Editor Cubase 7.5 Works Differently - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

As feature requests go I think this is a solid one…

Yeah I think so too. I’d use it more often if I could control the solo/editable behavior on-the-Fly.

No one had made this an official request before? You guys were right on this, to the exact same point, on that thread a year ago!

I’ll post it in FRs…

(Hopefully I remembered the details correctly)

Re-reading that, it sounds like I’m being angry about a lack of FR post.
I’m not, LOL! It was exclamation of surprise. Just sayin’ :wink:

If you wish to +1 this feature request it is at: Steinberg Forums :wink: :slight_smile:

(Mike- I moved yours there… hopes that’s okay)