Key Editor Topics

Hi everybody!

I have what will probably be a dumb question, but, if anybody can answer it, I would be most grateful.

In Key Editor, how do I make the piano roll bigger? I am seeing like 6 octaves and my normal zoom shortcuts aren’t cutting it.

Also, when Key Editor is open, I can’t here the rest of the track, just the track I am work on. Is this normal behavior of the program, or did I screw something up in the settings?

Thanks in advance!


Use Shift + G and Shift + H keys to Zoom Vertically.

The Key Editor is not open for the tracks, but for the MIDI Parts (efents). So it’s normal behaviour. You can hide the border of the events in the Key Editor. Then you will see even other Parts. But even the , they are not active, and you have to click in, to make them active.

Shift G and Shift H – You are a hero! Much obliged!