Key editor upgrade suggestions

I wonder if Steinberg could create an enhancement that would show what key your in on the piano roll part of the editor. If you had a part recorded in say “key of G” and wanted to move those parts to “key of F”, you select key of F in the editor and it highlights all the keys on the piano roll that are part of key of F (with a color). Maybe its already in there and i just don’t see it, it would be nice.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is implemented in Cubase already.

  • Open Key Editor.
  • Open Scale Assistant.
  • Set Editor Scale to F Major.
  • From the Select Pitch Visibility Options choose the Show Pitches from Scleras Assistant.


  • Add Chord Track.
  • Set the Chords, how they are in the project, or how they should be (so F in your case, not G for the given bar).
  • Open Key Editor.
  • Set Event Colors to the Scale/Chords option.