Key Editor - Vel and Pan for individual notes

Can I set the velocity and pan midi values for individual notes in the Key Editor? It seems when there is are two different notes played at the same time and I change velocity for one, it effects the entire track at the point in time.

I’ve often got layered arpeggios where the notes overlap, or maybe two start at the same time, and I want to control the volume/velocity and panning for each individual note. Do I have to split it into separate tracks to do that?

I don’t know about the pan - probably not possible on the same channel - but yes two different notes can have two different velocities - just mark the note and it will become black, drag it down and you will notice there is a red velocity bar for the 2nd note

If using VST3 how about Note Expression for pan? (edit…pan might work with VST2 I don’t remember)
“Depending on the preset, Cubase supports specific VST note expressions such as Tuning, Volume and Pan.”

More fun things to do with Note Expression beyond just panning

If your overlapping notes start and stop at exact same times so they overlap exactly in the key editor, focus both parts on the project page. Now both parts/events show up in the key editor, but some events are lighter in color if they don’t overlap. If they totally overlap, you won’t see any difference. Turn on Edit Active Part Only. Next to Edit Active Part Only is Currently Edited Part. Choose your part. Then you can edit what you wish without changing the overlapping note.

I didn’t even know note expression existed. Looks neat.
Is there any indication that note expression exists in the track
A) When looking at the score?
B) When looking at the key editor?

I only see someone using a hot-key to bring up a small popup window where they draw the automation per note and when they release, it goes away.

Expression maps gets a lot of attention because it’s a feature not found in other DAWs and very useful for film/commercial composers, especially orchestral. Note expression, totally different is a hidden gem not nearly as popular. Maybe it’s because it requires VST3?

To answer your questions, I would look Note Expression up in your manual because honestly I haven’t used it in years. I can’t remember if there is any indication that it exists in tracks.

You don’t use a hot-key to bring up that popup window. That is part of the Note Expression feature with Cubase. Again, it’s all explained in the manual. The above video is IMO a good example of what can be done with Note Expression…including basics like panning.

Double click a note to show note expressions. However only a few vsti support it, namely all those produced by Steinberg. I’ve personally not come across any other vsti that supports it yet (would be a blast if Kontakt would support it)

In the video he uses NI Massive. That was years ago with Cubase 8.5. My assumption is that any VST3 should work?
EDIT: My bad assumption since he did that with midi learn. :wink: