Key Editor window sizing

Hi folks. Ever since I installed C8, I’ve not been able to properly size the Key Editor for MIDI editing. When I open it, the bottom of the window is beyond the bottom of my screen, and I can’t “reach” down there to pull it up! I can put the window on the whole screen with the regular Windows function, and see everything there, and work with it successfully. But often I would rather have the Key Editor only taking up a portion of the screen. When it’s not on full-screen, it’s impossible to lift the window above the top of the Cubase main menu. Raising it to the highest point possible, I still can’t see the bottom of the window to resize it. I can only resize it horizontally, not vertically. And I can’t use whatever controller lane is on the lowest part of the window. So I effectively can’t use the Key Editor unless it’s on the whole screen.

Does anyone know a way to resize the Key Editor window?

Thanks, I’m using C8.5 on Win7pro.


Can’t you drag from the top edge of the window?

Such simple things sometimes get lost! Thanks -steve-. I had been going to the top bar and dragging that, and couldn’t get it high enough. And not realizing that the top corners of the window are also sizeable, just like bottom. Thanks again!