Key Editor won't open

Yes, I had this. I really do not trust the code in 8 after the problems I’m having.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but couple days ago I installed Replika (free plugin by NI) and when I delete this plugin from session - double click returns to work. so in my case this is the one causing the double click issue. Hope it helps guys

Apologies if I asked this already, but by the above you mean you reinstalled Windows 7. Once your desktop was up you then installed Cubase8. No other applications were installed before C8. This process alone would take quite a while…not to mention installing the hundreds of other software applications after Cubase 8.

Next, once C8 opens, you clicked on the Cubase8 “default.cpr” file? Not any of the other templates.

If that does not work as said before I would contact Steinberg support. Some counties have direct phone support, other such as USA has email then option of phone, but you should not have to wait more than a few days. That type of support certainly could be better, but IMO its better than some others.

I have found for a few of my C8 issues the problem was in my custom .cpr or my custom templates when first opening. The very first time I loaded C8, one of the first things I did was copy and paste Key Commands, preferences, and a host of other things from C7.5 over to C8. In retrospect I should have only done that transferring in stages while thoroughly checking things out.

At the very least I think it is important for users to state they are trashing everything, then once trashed, double clicking on the Cubase 8 “default.cpr” Nothing else!

Yeah this is out of control now. I’m now having these same INTERMITTENT issues after re-setting preferences etc. I wrote that in CAPS because it’s hard to know if you’ve resolved anything if it works for a while and then surprises you again and then works again. Besides, I want to record, not I.T. as I’m sure most of us will agree (and yes I am on the client clock).

Someone mentioned removing NI Replika. I have noticed that most times when I can’t open the editor, somewhere in my song there is an instance of NI Kontakt loaded. I could be fishing here but Kontakt has been acting up ever since I upgraded to CB8. Maybe connected somehow? Anyone else having NI issues or am I way off base?

Steinberg guys…you need to fix this. A bug is one thing, but a lot of us upgraded $$$ not expecting our workflow to slow to a snail.

In my case, after removing Replika from sessions, double click instantly starts working. I already contacted NI support about this issue. Maybe there was also support e-mails about Kontakt.

I have had this problem using Cubase 6.5 with Windows 7 . I have found a solution.
When I double click a midi part. The tool bar at the top goes grey . Minimize your project window and move it around left and right using the scroll bar at the bottom . You will find the opened key editor window . Resize the project window by dragging the right margin ( ie don’t just use the maximise button ) so that in “lines up” with the key editor window. Why this happens I don’t know however the Key Editor window does open , it’s just off the screen. Hope that helps. James.

Just for the record, I am having this problem in Cubase 7.5.40 as well.

UPDATE: I just removed an effect from my FX sends and it fixed the double-clicking on part to open the editor window failure problem. The effect was an Aegean Music spring reverb. But I doubt it’s limited to that plugin.

Hope this helps someone else having this problem.

I get stuck too even in the latest update version. I tried all you guys suggestion. Still doesnt work. Please help!

Hi, everyone!

I am also confirming the problem. It is really annoying: it works one moment, then not the next, on some projects. It is nothing ‘circumstantial’ either, because it does seem to get ‘inherited’ with each new save of a new version - the menu command works, but double-clinking on a midi track won’t open the editor. Sometimes, some projects, and it affects all midi tracks once it appears. Starting a new project does not present the same problem - so it may be something I’ve done as part of the workflow. I have no idea what it could be.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Greetings to all.

Following from my previous message, in fact, in a couple of projects double click does not work at all, so I cannot rename tracks or insert values directly. New projects work fine, so this looks like a consequence of something I did - but I don’t know what. This is very annoying. Does anyone know what may be causing it?

I am using Cubase Artist 8 (latest fix), Windows 8.1.


I had the same issue and after reading through this thread I took NI Replika completely out of the signal chain (not just bypass) and voila, full mouse functionality. Sounds like this isn’t the only plugin to cause a conflict but I would suggest removing third party inserts one at a time to see if it helps.


Thanks for this! You are spot on!! I removed 4 instances of Replika from a specific project and double-click has returned. Again, many thanks for this. :smiley:



I just ran into the same problem on Cubase 7, and I can also confirm that Replika was the cause. I was using it as an insert on one of the tracks. As soon as I removed it, the double-click functionality returned.