key editor

Hi there
Is there a button to limit the key editor wondow to just the selected part. I see there are markers at the top but scroll past them I must.

I’m not sure I understand your question. Do you mean the key command “locate selection?” For example select a part in the project page. Press “locate selection.” Turn on Auto Scroll. Turn cycle on if you wish. Then in your key editor it should follow what you did in the project page.

There is a KC for zoom to part. Is that what you mean?

Shift “e” by default. Zoom to event.

Thanks chaps

I see what you’re getting at. Maybe I’m not working efficiently. For example
my part goes from to
when I open the key editor I get from to
Cab it not be restricted to the length of the part?

Yes. That’s what I meant. Use “zoom to event” with the key editor open. It will fill the window.