Key Editor's Time Stretching Tool - How does this work?

I’ve been using the project window’s time-stretching tool to resize MIDI parts, but I just noticed today that the key editor has this tool as well.
It doesn’t seem to work like it does in the project window (as the manual states it should), and I can’t seem to get it to do anything unique from the vanilla selection tool.

How is it supposed to be used, or what does it even do?

It time stretches the controller in note expression data, rather than extend the note without time stretching the cc.

Ah, I see. So it doesn’t affect the positions of the MIDI notes, just stretches the CC stuff under them to match the new lengths. Oh well, I was kind of hoping I could time-stretch a group of notes to match a new tempo, but I can still see this being useful.

Thanks for the help! :mrgreen:

That should already work, the note length should stay relative to the tempo.

Yes, but I occasionally record MIDI without a click track, and I sometimes get carried away, so some notes end up totally off the grid.

In wanting to preserve the subtleties of my terrible playing, I go into the project window, slice up the parts, and do a little guesswork to shrink or expand the events that are played out of time.

I was hoping the time-stretching tool would allow me to select some notes in the key editor and shrink or expand their starting times relative to the note furthest to the left in the selection, so I can avoid the guesswork required by this process in the project window.

The logical editor can do that. You can do things like stretch to nearest beat and other event conforming commands. It has to be somewhere in the ballpark to work though. If the event is 3 beats off and a hole note instead of a quarter note, it isn’t going to work well.

That’s an interesting idea, but quantization is something I’d be trying to avoid in those circumstances. I’d need the notes to stay relative in position to each other (similar to how faders stay relative in Q-link mode).

I know how the rhythm would be written and can easily just draw them in, then move them a little from there for ‘humanization’, but playing them by hand and leaving them just a little bit off the grid gives the line some personality.

If I were a better pianist, I could keep time and this wouldn’t be a problem. Sadly, I’m not :frowning:

I’m not sure if there is relative modes or not. Wouldn’t hurt to look.

If I were a better pianist, I could keep time and this wouldn’t be a problem. Sadly, I’m not > :frowning:

hehehe, we all do the best we can :laughing: