Key eLicenser

Where is the key support for the elicenser?

I can see the download but I can’t see the supported aditional key to order. (???)

We choose a product for the entire sure of it.

It’s the pirate web site? not the official Steinberg? I’m very sorry, but I do not want this things changing on me.
It’s already very embarassing to keep asking automatic answers for the non senses disappearing for me end-user. It was very cliver to see and buy. Only because of this, this are something.

My council is to put the things back like It was good in the world meaning and atend your costumers like have to should be by the law and suite ensured by your orders. No matter what’s running asaid; than law, the things still are the same. And it will should be. Is on, null, out of order.

I’m not all that bothered about It, but I’m with my software feeling unsecure. Why? where is the feature?

The prospect about the versions too.

Sorry to butt into your topic again, but I may just of understood what your asking this time :laughing:

Is this what you’re looking for.

This are trying to test my knowlodge? I have to prooth something for something else mistaken for a win? I prefer the standard office site layout. I have decided to buy the software the site has changed.

Thank you for the link.

A dongle key don’t have to be forneced direct from the source of the manufacturer to be secure and not cracked? I know it can be sured by the password exclusive to the owners but the dongle don’t have to be sourcered by the manufacturer to not be pirated?

Time changes expectations.

You can get the dongle from a number of places, It will not have any licences on it regardless of where you get it.

The key they sell is the same thing we receive within the software remembering a early baby teeth. It’s to remember in what place we are? We gonna reborn to have a new free key?

I have a lot of misfits to music to have something so loose to talk about.

It’s a complete thing, but these faults just make me sick. The Man work sometimes a life to have something reliable, to instead of it, have something breakable.