Key Follow MIDI Insert

A MIDI insert which modifies velocity depending on note value. Maybe other note parameters also. (Tried this with the Transformer insert but failed.)

… this is possible with the Input Transformer. Tell us the exact usecase and the story and context behind your request and we (this community) can be more specific on how to set it up.

The use case was to reduce velocity for upper pitch. This was mainly because of the sound not the volume, so EQ was not the solution. I’m not having the problem currently because I changed the instrument. Just thought it might be good to have a solution in stock next time. If the modification is possible using the Transformer insert, can Steinberg please provide a preset for it? Programming the Transformer is a bit tricky.

Here is template on how to set it up. Of course you can adjust the parameters to your need.

The Logical Editor is a bit tricky I admit but it is actually also quite fascinating and fun.
Should you be interested in learning it a bit I have one advice. All the way where it say “Function” set it to “Select”.
Now the only thing that is relevant is the upper section which is the “filter target”. There you can start to explore the various possibilitys and check which notes you are adressing by pressing on “Apply” which will trigger the select function. Thus what ever you have configured in your “flter target” will be selected and highlighted. Once you get the hang of the “filter target” section you can set “Function” to “Transform” and this will start involving the lower section which is the “Action Target”. Again here you can experiment and explore the variouse pssibilities and parameters. It is a bit learning by doing and trial and error but once you get the hang of it the Logical Editor is a fascinating and amazing feature. :slight_smile: