Key for Tools for UR44

Keeping it simple. Update to Tools for UR44 messed up my DAW. Need to reinstall everything, which sucks. However found everything I need except for the the key that came with my UR44 for the Tools. Where can I find this or who do I need to contact to acquire this key. I have searched everywhere here

Funny thing, eLicense Control center shows all other keys but not this one

2nd question. Can I install this on my laptop as well, find the licensing a bit confusing. The developer of my DAW software allows me this option. I work in the oil fields of Western Canada and am away from home a lot so I work on drums and at times bring a bass or guitar with me.

This could not of happened at a worse time as I am home until January.



Hi Hoggy, if I recall when i unboxed my 44, that key was on a paper insert in the box… Do you still have the packaging?