Totally customizable key-mapping with the ability to print a summary – that says it all, right there. (It’s under Edit -> Preferences if anyone is looking for it.)

The assignment choices are thoughtful and intuitive to begin with, but the ability to do my own thing with them means I’ll be able to go lightning fast in no time.

There are a lot of features to come that I need for Dorico to be really usable for me, but I am enjoying taking this time to “learn the ropes.” Thoughtful stuff around every corner. Thank you!


I set up my own note entry duration key commands that make practical sense for me

Whole note = 1 or NUM 1
Half note = 2 or NUM 2
Quarter note = 4 or NUM 4
Eight note = 8 or NUM 8

That way I don’t have to remember quavers, quivers and quiches!

Things I’d like to see improved regarding keymaps:

Changed shortcuts should be reflected on the interface buttons. (also ability to set globally if I want to see words like Crotchet vs Quarter Note)
Key Command Print Summary should group together things that toggle on and off the same effect. IE Slur Start and Slur End should be displayed next to each other, all note duration shortcuts should display together. Basically sorted by similar functions, not sorted alphabetically by key.

How to setup arrow keys alone for moving notes up/down during note input? Anyone know?

I’m frustrated with having to use ALT + Arrows to move a note up/down while inputting.

I found a section in the key mapping in Prefs but it already shows up/down arrows mapped for Move Up and Move Down (see attached pic). But they don’t move the notes up/down with arrows alone. I’m not quite sure what this does.

Thanks in advance.

Screen Shot 2016-10-20 at 3.11.31 PM.jpg

Unfortunately you can’t redefine these specific shortcuts (Alt+up/down arrow) yet, but we will try to make this possible in the first post-release update.