key not recognized for shortcut

Dorico doesn’t allow me to use the key which is to the right of “ß” on the German keyboard for a shortcut.
I wanted to use it for the sharp because it would be easier to remember and use than shift-ß which is here “?”

Will this get fixed in 1.1?

This key produces the " ´ " on my keyboard and this is not recognized by Dorico at the moment.


Unfortunately this will be no different in Dorico 1.1. We have already spent a good amount of time working with the developers of the Qt application framework to fix as many problems as we can with keyboard handling on macOS, but the most significant remaining problem relates to so-called “dead keys”, e.g. keys that produce diacritics for combination with other letter forms, and other similar things, which feature on many European keyboard layouts. I believe the key you are referring to (I don’t have a German keyboard in front of me right this minute) is one of these such keys.

We hope that Qt’s developers will spend some more time on keyboard handling on macOS in the future, and we do always have the possibility of attempting to fix these problems ourselves as we can make modifications to the source code, but we have to balance this against all other programming work (adding features, fixing bugs, improving performance, etc.) that we might otherwise work on, and at the moment these keyboard issues are of insufficiently high priority for us to drop work on other things in order to look at them further.

You can convert dead keys to normal keys with a program called Ukelele. It will still produce “´”, but behaves as any other key. I don’t remember how I did it, but it wasn’t too hard. Maybe someone from the german office can make a preset or walkthrough for the german keyboard? It seems like this bothers many users.

We have keyboards in many languages in our offices in London and have done our best to produce sensible layouts for each of the languages for which the user interface is localised, but we’re not going to rely on end users having third-party utilities like Ukulele installed and configured correctly in order to use our default set of key commands.