Key or command to send inspector data to the device?

Is there any command to send the values of the inspector to the MIDI tracks? I can’t find it anywhere.

I need the volume, program, bank, and any other data set in the inspector to be sent to the midi out, whenever I need it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Well, not inspector data per se, but the midi data could be sent… I guess it would depend on what you are doing at the time you want to send the info. If you want it any time that would require a few different methods.

One that comes to mind is to trigger playback of a midi part containing the needed data via a marker. You could put it after the end of the project, of course, then there might be chasing issues…

Edit: I am sure I am missing something, I recall people complaining that the inspector data was always being sent for some reason (on file open? hitting play?) Do that :slight_smile:

Right now the inspector data is sent to the tracks when the project opens, but I have not found any way to send it once it’s already opened. I’m trying to avoid the scenario where I have “solidified” the settings in the tracks by using the “Freeze MIDI parameters” function, since it defeats the purpose of the inspector.

I recall Logic (from many years ago when I used it) being very simple in that matter, just pressing “Z” all the settings were sent to the channels (program, bank, volume & pan).

I can’t believe there is no such archaic MIDI function available in Cubase after all those years. I hope I’m wrong!

Don’t know of a command to do this. But I would like one. I think it is remiss not to have one because many times after twiddling my external hw synth I really need to refresh the synth with the inspector values.

As I recall SX3 used to chase inspector values but it was removed in Cb4 or 5. I would prefer it to be put back in on a track option.

One thing I do is to manually enter an automation point at the start of the song to force chasing. But very sadly you can’t automate patch script program changes (please can we have this too!!).


Please! I need that command or a way to do what I need.

Moreover, it seems that the freeze midi parameter function only freezes program changes, but not volume or pan settings from the inspector :frowning:

I think that Merge Midi In Loop or something like that is what you need to freeze all parameters - but I’ve not used it and I’m not in front of the DAW…


yes a track sysex dump to the device is a great idea !

Did anyone crack this issue of how to send inspector patch info to the external instrument. I’ve made a post specifially about this recently but had no replies. You’d have thought as soon as a project is loaded or started the inspector patch info would be acted upon. As you say above, the least we need is a command to action this.