Key &/or Drum Editor Requests

I’m going to make a list since last time my aka was deleted, so I will start again.

  1. When opening two or more midi parts and there is a drum editor assigned, always open all parts in Key Editor by default and NOT two separate editors.

I’d appreciate members +1ing on this.


Already a pref to control that.

Interesting, thanks for the input.

What that does though is it stops you using the drum map as a standalone editor (1 or more drum tracks) and it’s great that it names the notes (never knew) but still when the preference is checked it manages to open 2 editors at once.

I’m pretty keen on the Inspector in the Key Editor, let me say but I’d appreciate some work in this regard as well.

Many regards

I have just thought of a new feature…

When notes are “recorded” via the drum map, truncate them to 64ths of a quaver so they show better in the key editor and cannot be confused with other notes (notwithstanding being labeled) so the key editor is tidier.

Cheers all

Why is there no tab to for the velocity value?

Very nice I can simply hit ALT and it opens up all the hidden cubase settings but when I get to the velocity page I still must “mouse around”.

Gee steinberg thought you would have found this by now :imp:

Can’t this be done in the ‘Info Line’, seems pretty direct to me?


Good point, but unless something has changed in version 6 I believe the infoline only applies to the project view unfortunately.

Nope, it’s also there and fully (as far as I can tell) usable in the MIDI editors too, after all, that’s probably where it’s needed the most.


I can see it, thanks for pointing that out.

Hopefully I will be able to tab along to that section quickly, as editing drum velocities is made all the more of a drag how it is now.

Maybe steiny can still improve access to the old dialog because the way ALT works with the hidden menu functions is completely rare and brilliant to say the least.

Thanks again for writing.

I have also found that while you cannot tab to the value field, once you do enter a value you can simply hit Enter.

Maybe this is set up wrong?

Someone tabbed to brain’s IQ field and hit delete. :mrgreen:

Well in the C5 forum I have now been thrown in at the deep end in terms of the Logical Editor which has admittedly opened new doors to my understanding but in that thread I find myself pining for an arrow key/modifier function and pray to the Steinberg gods that they will implement this “radical” idea.

Cheers m8’s

Someone tabbed to brain’s IQ field and hit delete. > :mrgreen:

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I thought this kind of request would be right up your alley zebbie.

In fact I was hoping you’d update the house regarding those issues identified in the old forum.

You’re editing a whole lot of nothing, near as I can surmise. :laughing:

That’s it Lord SB, we can only surmise at what or how anyone’s particular system works but my request is to be able to use the arrow keys with a modifier to move notes by ticks since although the Logical Editor is very powerful, having some of those functions available via a standard keyboard interface would as I see things seriously speed up workflow in all areas of the application whether they be the Key Editor or multi-track drum editing and I hope you share my view.

What is it that you’re attempting to do? Any pic’s to explain your particular problem?
If we have no idea what you’re trying to do then that will apply to any developers following the thread. Well, they’re probably better clued up than most of us but I’d hazard a guess they still need more detail.

On the face of it it looks like you have an awful editing job to do or maybe have painted yourself into a corner and overcomplicated an own composition. You wouldn’t be alone there.
It’s just that as I can see there is no great rush (yet) of users with the same issues I presume the solutions you refer to are unique to your work method. Just trying to get some focus.

He’s attempting to take the kiss out of everyone, nothing more. :laughing:

and as we know the price for kiss tickets are astronomical

Shh! I know. If you ask a complicated question he goes to sleep.