key or midi command for "cycle: marker [n]" on Marker track?

On the Marker track, there is a drop-down menu “cycle”, where you assign the loop range to one or the other cycle markers. Is there a key command or way to midi control this function: selecting the next (or a particular) cycle marker? BUT, without affecting the cursor/song position while playing?

[edit - also looking for a way to scroll up+down the ‘main window’ via midi remote or keycommand. Even the mouse wheel doesn’t do it! Would be nice to quickly scroll up+down, sans sidebar mousegrab, so you can layout your inserts+instruments and get to them quick. Am I missing something?]

I’ve been having some great fun, and some frustration, setting cubase up to run as a live sequencer+loop/MPC/ableton kinda thing. Most frustrations have been overcome, except this one.

I’m looking for the ability to jump the cycle locators from loop-to-loop (loop regions as defined by cycle markers).

Most of the commands in “key commands” that deal with moving the region locates the beginning/end or marker immediately. The only thing that works like this via key commands is the “nudge - loop range right/left.” OK, but this advances one bar at a time. Could make a macro with 8 or 16 nudges, but this doesn’t consider the need to conform the ‘next’ loop range to the loop length (which may be different from the previous).

The Marker track / dropdown menu action I mentioned first is perfect - it places the cycle locators in the chosen cycle marker region (which I size to correspond to the next loop range), and lets the song carry on to the end of the previous section before moving on to the next part.

Is there something I could do in the Logical Editor? Haven’t wrapped my head around that yet…


End of question, on to FYI, I think I have a rather novel setup here, lemme know any other tips+tricks I should be looking at.

Basically, I’m using two instances of GAO - one semi-sequenced for foundation beats+loops, the other as an MPC. Controllers used are just an MPD32. The MPC setup is on an instrument track, pretty basic - mapped some pads’ controls (filter/reverse), plus the audio inserts that affect the whole instrument.

as for the second GAO, it’s loaded as a vst instrument + midi track, w/ each pad assigned to its own channel, and outputted to a group track. basically, i create a loop/scene with a mix of loopsamples, and fill cycle/loop sections on the sequencer (with my corresponding cycle markers). basically from there, I have full volume/mute control (plu much more) of each pad/loopsample. Outing each of them to the group gives independent audio inserts and main controls for the instrument as a whole. [if this goes ‘too far’, i know you can set it so each pad can have its own audio inserts too, but that’s for later…when i have more controllers and my brain can handle it all…]

I’ve assigned controls to my MPD for dual filter, step filter, bit crusher, a glitch plugin, and the Korg MS-20 effect plugin (for which I have the controller) for GAO1, GAO2 and the stereo output.

lastly, I have 4 different loopers (Anstrolooper) - one for my bass input (outputted separately), one each for the instruments, and one on the stereo out.

also, i’ve been experimenting with using beatmaker live - cool way to flip btw scenes on the fly and another tool in the arsenal. Would be nice to have some midi control of the mute/solo functions, tho.

anyway, wish me luck. any help with my query would be appreciated!