Key / Pitch Tuning Cubase 6?


I have recently purchased Cubase 6 and have just installed it onto my PC (Windows 7). I would like to do some midi recording via an external midi keyboard and have noticed that the instruments on the programme are approximately 1 tone out with the sounds on my keyboard. My midi keyboard is set to 440 hz and there is no transposed data in the project root key of Cubase. The tones don’t match even if I press the keys on the HALion SE keyboard!! Could anyone please advise me if there is a master tuner on the programme or if I have gone wrong with the set up.



The most likely cause is something on your keyboard is transposed. On many instruments transpose does not change the MIDI data, but just the synth engine, this does sound like what your problem is.

Thanks for your reply.

Just tried it without plugging in the midi lead and the sounds from my keyboards and Cubase are now in tune. I`m going to have a thorough look at the settings on my keyboard and see if I have a wrong configuration. I am using a Roland XP 50. If anyone is familiar with this machine and could point out the obvious I would be very grateful.



First check that you don’t have the Transpose button lit on the XP50 (with that lit the OCT-/OCT+ buttons will shift the Kbrd by semitones - without it lit the OCT-/OCT+ shift by octaves plus anything you’ve already setup with transpose lit).

On the XP50 check out System/Setup/Setup and make sure that no transpose has been set there. If is has set it back to zero.

Make the MIDI connection IN/OUT from the XP50 to your Cubase host and fire up Cubase.

Set the XP50 to single patch mode and select a chromatic patch known not to have built in transpose (eg A001 - Piano) and turn “local off” (easiest way is from the front panel button).

Check MIDI thru is enabled in Cubase preferences.

Create a MIDI track in Cubase and connect it to your XP50.

Load a “MIDI Monitor” to an insert slot in the track inspector.

Monitor enable the track and then play a note on the XP50.

You should see the note you played displayed in the MIDI Monitor (you will see two events for the same note, one where you pressed it and another when you released it).

The note you see displayed should correspond to the note you pressed if there is nothing transposing it en route to/from the track. Assuming no transpose is set-up in C6 and you have no transpose set on the XP50 then everything should match.


PS I have an XP80 - I think the XP50 is functionally the same in respect of the above.

Thanks for that James. I will check the settings on the XP 50 and let you know how I get on.




I have altered the settings on the XP 50 as per your recommendation James and it is all working fine now. Keyboard and Cubase in tune, going to have a go at some recording soon. Thanks once again for your help.



Glad to be able to help.