Key & Scale Functions

Thank You to the Steinberg Team for your continued improvements of Cubasis, I’m still floored & grateful that you’ve made this software universal on iOS.

It’s also specifically great that you’ve added smaller chord pads to the keyboard view. My request is such;
Can you implement Key/Tonal Center & Scale settings at the project level & or at the midi track level?

It would be very helpful to many if the chord pads auto-populated with chords, in order of scale degree, specific to the key & scale you’re working in that could then be modified in context—as opposed to having to know, & possibly use other resources to find, exactly which chord’s you’re looking for during the writing process and then programing them in from scratch.

I may suggest implementing this at the midi track level regardless of if you also implement it as a project based setting to allow for modal mixture.

It would also be great & immensely useful if the keyboard itSelf then had a scale function as to “never play a wrong note [an accidental]”.

I know so many composers would benefit from these additions to Cubasis’ capabilities.

p.s. I’m wondering if there’s a way to make track notes viewable/persistent [on all devices] while playing touch based instruments & or adjusting other parameters. eliminating the need for pen & paper or an additional screen when writing out [& then reading] chord charts or mixing notes. optionally of course.

Thanks For Your Time.

With Gratitude,
Marcus Broderick Montgomery

Hi Marcus,

Thanks for your message and feedback, which has been added to our backlog.

We try our best to make Cubasis better with every update, and hope to be able to add additional creative options such as key and scale functions at some point in the future.

For now, you might check out the available 3rd party AU MIDI FX apps in this area, which can be directly loaded into an AU effect MIDI slot in Cubasis.

Stay safe
& best wishes,

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