Key scales and other features missing in Cubasis 2 keyboard

I’d like to know, if devs are planning to add scales to the keyboard in Cubasis.
Imho this feature is very useful, especially on relatively small screen of iPad 9.7, just to select a scale such as Major, Minor, Pentatonics, Harmonics etc and being able to play nice sounds is very helpful, especially for nonprofessionals like myself. Garageband for iPad can do that, and although it’s a good program, Cubasis is much much more powerful software. That’s exactly the reason why I bought it, however I’d really appreciate these little simple and convenient features of Garageband to be present in Cubasis as well.

Also to be able to add second row of keys, select sustain to be always on or choose between glissando or scroll keys again, like in GarageBand, is very useful. And i saw that you can make your own chords but it’s not really the same.

I would really appreciate if someone from the company could reply and tell if they will improve Cubasis keyboard with these features.

Hi asfry,

Thanks for your feature suggestion.
Scale support for Cubasis’ internal keyboard is included in our backlog.


Thank you very much, cannot wait for you to implement these features.