Key shortcut stops working when effects pane is activated in audio montage

  1. In File > Preferences > Shortcuts, assign a key shortcut to “Bypass All Plug-ins”;
  2. Open an audio montage and check if the shortcut works (it should);
  3. Under Audio Montage > Effects Tab, click anywhere in the Effects pane area;
  4. The shortcut should stop working.

Is this deliberate?

I can’t reproduce this problem. Mac, Windows? Maybe more info?
Note that if there is no effect, like on your picture, the function is disabled.

But let me tell you that the universe is strange sometimes… indeed, I was just working (for less than an hour), to improve the shortcut support in the Montage Effect Panel. Among all hundreds of WaveLab functions, you have chosen to post on this topic in the same time !!!


That is indeed an amazing coincidence!

I’m using WL9 Pro on a Windows 10 64-bit laptop.

The screenshot was to delineate the area of the effect pane that deactivates the shortcut.

In fact, I do have plug-ins inserted. The described behavior doesn’t seem to have to do with any particular brand of plug-ins. If I click on the Effects pane the shortcut stops working. If I then click in the clip area it resumes.

Anything else I should try to provide more info?

Now that I’ve played with it a little bit more it looks like my specific issue is an instance of a more generic one.

Also the Track Solo and Mute shortcuts become inactive if I click in the upper panes of the window (e.g., under Clips, Effect, Markers tabs, though not under Groups).

Using WaveLab 9.1?

Yep, 9.1.0. Though the issue may trace back to earlier versions of WL as I do have vague memories of Solo and Mute shortcuts not working under certain conditions in earlier versions.

The same thing happens here on Win 10. The shortcut stops working.

Also the same thing happens here, with mute and solo shortcuts become inactive.

I’ve also been having issues where keyboard shortcuts that worked before no longer work unless the destination tab/window is already focused which in some ways defeats the purpose of having the shortcut :frowning: