Key shortcuts (other than defaults) don't work

Hello dear Community.

I have upgraded and updated to Dorico 5.0.10 (Windows 11, Spanish Keyboard).
While I love the improvements, I have found that the key shortcuts I made do not work in D5, They all appear in Preferences but have no effect. (ex.: CapsLock+R to Hide rests).

I have re-entered some of them and retried (reboot etc.), and have the same result.

All the shortcuts work in D4 (as they did in previous versions).

Meanwhile I continue my work in D4, of course (one opera and two aria anthologies for a local publisher), but I hope this will be fixed soon.

Thanks in advance.


For me, CapsLock cannot be used as a key command in Dorico 4. The dialog doesn’t accept it. Did you edit the JSON file directly?

In Dorico 5, the “Add Key Command” button doesn’t light up when I try to enter keys including CapsLock.


I’m surprised that you can use it as a valid key. It’s not really a metakey.

A mystery. But in D4 it worked. (“Eppur si muove”, Galileo said).