Key shortcuts

I’m just trying to figure out exactly which keyboard layout and which language the keyboard shortcuts refer to. I can’t seem to get many of them to work, and when I try to write my own nothing happens. What is considered the default here? I’m using a Scandinavian keyboard, but I can switch it to an English one, I’m using a Mac, but nothing seems to make any sense. Can someone give me a hint to what I can do to use the shortcuts, or at least make some on my own keyboard that work? Thanks

Tim Ferchen

Are you saying that none of them work? What happens when you look at Help > Key Commands? That web page is generated on-the-fly based on your actual key settings.

sometimes the graphic card or another program grabs the hotkeys.
There were a few posts about this:

Thanks for the response. Ok, I kind of see what\s happening. Of course it still doesn’t explain first of all why you can’t write you own key commands that work, and also the long list of commands on the web page you mentioned really doesn’t equate to the keyboard above it. Many of those listed below aren’t available on the keyboard above. A simple example is the act of moving a note an octave higher or lower. I’m just wondering why that list is there if it doesn’t work? Or am I missing something. If these commands are tied to a particular keyboard, it would be nice to know which one, otherwise I don’t understand it. At least I found the basic articulations so that’s a big help.


To write your own key commands, go to Preferences > Key commands, search for the desired function, then add your own shortcut. You can also see what’s currently defined for each function, where a default shortcut exists.